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Oak Apple Day 2012

Tuesday 29th of May - Salisbury Cathedral - 10.00hrs
Procession/ Fete in the Oak Apple field in Wishford 14.00hrs
Wishford Talent show Saturday 26th in the marquee

Jubilee Celebrations 4th June, 2012

It will be a Jubilee Field Party for Great Wishford when the village will be staging its own version of the Street Party.
We will be marking the Diamond Jubilee on Monday 4th June, with villagers bringing a plate of food and their choice of beverage and sitting down together in the Oak Apple Field at 3.30, for a shared high tea.
This will be followed by a Barn Dance and Ploughman’s supper in the dryer barn between 5.30 to 9.00pm. We hope that everyone from the village will be able to join in and let their hair down as we did for the Royal Wedding last year.
The book, intended to be a snapshot of the village is underway, with Chris Lock taking photographs and residents providing information about the homes in the village in this Jubilee year. It will be an archive of the village, a wonderful reminder for our children, grandchildren and residents yet to live in the village of how things were in 2012.
A new breadstone is to be carved and mounted on the church wall, so the Diamond Jubilee will be leaving a permanent mark on the history of our beautiful village.

Great Scot, Great Bustard spotted in our village

The shot was taken by Ken Campbell - the Great Bustard was grazing with a group of Swans near Langford Lakes for about 4 weeks in April / early May 2008

If you have any other village events you want publicising please send them in - details in the contribute section

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