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Why get involved? Because your contributions are essential!

This site is not for any one person or group; it's for all the community. Even those without internet access can contribute by lending old photos or maps to be scanned in. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to prepare text for contributors, but electronic submissions are welcomed. If you know someone who has some spare time to do some content preparation, please see if they can help.

Your own memorable email address

We can also setup email addresses for individuals or businesses in the area eg fredbloggs@greatwishford.co.uk. This can then be auto forwarded to your obscure service provider making it much easier for you to give out (and others remember) your email address. This is a free perk that should save you time and cost everytime you change internet service providers.

Please send your ideas or contributions to the 'webmaster' email below or ring Edward Scutt on 01722 790059.

(the address is done as a graphic to prevent spam harvesting - see below)

If you have pictures to send in please supply them electronically to the 'photo' email below. If you can't scan photos please drop them round to lend to Edward for scanning.

Email addresses could be listed as text, but the @ symbol substituted with a * for users to copy and paste and adapt, eg webmaster*greatwishford.co.uk (please swap the * for a @ when emailing)

This is to prevent spam harvesters crawling the site and picking up email addresses and then sending the poor individual stock alerts and anatomy enhancements

It would be interesting to know which method is preferred/comprehensible as we don't want to hinder contributions by email!

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